“Alien” by Jerry Goldsmith

Alien Logo

This needs no introduction…

#1 is a somewhat recreation of the official 20th Century Fox Records LP from 1979. However, without the reversed egg on the front. If you want a perfect recreation of the LP cover, I suggest this guy.

#2 was an attempt to make the film “more modern”, I’m referring to the text at the bottom and the brilliant artwork, which highlights the teal-and-orange look used in many film posters these days, by Brian Taylor. Unfortunately, the poster design seemed to cramp in a square for my taste, fortunately it proved quite easy to expand the image with some gradient colour and a bit of smoke. Can you find the Alien in #3? Original artwork by Noble–6.

#4 is inspired by one of my personal favourite Vinyl covers; Apocalypse Now, and uses one of the greatest and most iconic shots in film history. #5 is based on a combination of the official 1979 release and the 1995 widescreen edition LaserDisc artworks. For #6 I wanted the text to be upright to match the Alien itself.

#7 is based on the 1993 Limited Edition Alien Trilogy Facehugger Box Set on VHS. #8 was fun to do. It’s heavily inspired by the LP release of The Graduate soundtrack. #9 uses the amazing artwork Doaly did for the film’s 35th Anniversary. I actually quite like the colour combination of blue and gold, however like most people, when I think of Alien I think of the colour green, apparently so did Doaly, if you agree look at #10.

In #11 I wanted to use the incredible artwork of the 35th Anniversary Blu-ray, and I thought it was quite fitting to the Intrada Records 2CD release. At first, even though I like the artwork, I didn’t think the image would work for a soundtrack cover (#12), but I soon realised it was actually perfect for it. The sense of claustrophobia as you stare into the eyes of poor Jonesy is almost frightening, especially once you notice the tail of the beast. The red also provides a strong contrast in relation to all the others in this series. #13 was another attempt to make a Vinyl cover, again for the Intrada release. Even though I probably wouldn’t use it, #14 could provide a uniqueness amongst other covers in things like iTunes.

#15 is quite interesting for a couple of reasons: It uses the Alien logo of this piece, and even though the original artwork is fantastic out of respect for his version and frankly because he did something much more unique, heidl once again made a brilliant cover using that poster. And it uses the background image of this and this in #16. The two (like 9 and 10) are in a way “opposite-twins”.

The final version in this series is one my favourites, not only is the artwork once again great, but there’s something about the way Jonesy is terrifyingly observing the Alien that immediately puts me back in the role of Amanda Ripley from Alien: Isolation…


If you have any special requests for any of them (e.g. if you want me to add or move anything or change the color of something or whatever your heart desires), please let me know.

Hope you like ’em.


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